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In Marketing

By John

Merchants! Ditch Fragmented TV. Online Video is the Future of Your Business.

On 20, Nov 2011 | 2 Comments | In Marketing | By John

Have a business? A physical, local business?
Before you dump a ton of cash into local TV spots hoping to bring in customers consider this recent study by Nielsen.

“Online video ads have a 65% general recall compared to 46% for TV ads. Brand recall online is also higher — 50% compared to TV’s 28%. Message online recall is 39% compared to TV’s 21%. Likability is at 26% online, compared to TV’s 14%.”

I’ve seen first hand the positive impact smart and effective social media management can have on a site’s traffic. Bringing in a lot more page views, which can translate to more customers.
At the same time, look what a well-done video campaign, or just one video can do for a person or brand.

But, the web is world wide! How will local people find me?

I hear you cry.

Google and Facebook are in a full-blown war to be the go-to sites for localizing your web experience. That war is your ticket to online branding. Google Places gives a business the ability to market locally and generate a higher page result in a targeted area. A Facebook ad campaign is fantastically configurable to a local level and a particular audience. You can target demographics, interests, locations, even gender. The price is whatever you want it to be. Let’s not forget Google Ads, which is getting better.

If you have a business, online or ‘brick & mortar’ get thee to Facebook! Have a profile video made and link it to your page. Get a YouTube channel. Sponsor an online series or Vidcast. If you film it, they will come.

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