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Wake – The Cornfield rough cut

Portrait – Kenneth Reitz. Infinite State

A Day At The Museum

4th of July 5D Mark 2 raw Workflow

Icarus – Shenandoah Conservatory CCM Program

Swing Set

Voice Pedagogy at Shenandoah Conservatory

Shenandoah Conservatory Janette Ogg Voice Research Center

Sick Day

Jack Casady Interview

RUSH Before 2112

Sharepress Promo

Allow Me To Retort

indiSLIDER® Testing

Tax Lein Project

Coffee Time!

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The Intangibles

26th April 2012 by John

What makes a movie enjoyable?
I’m not talking about brilliant, groundbreaking or any other Oscar® promo-style hyperbole. I mean, why is one movie engaging while others are just empty calories? Read more…

Online Video Moves Your Products

17th January 2012 by John

“Viewers 64-85% More Likely to buy after watching a product video”

An interesting article from KISSmetrics about the power of online video to move products and services.
I expressed my feelings on this topic in this post a few months ago.
If you aren’t running video on your site, what are you waiting for?

Merchants! Ditch Fragmented TV. Online Video is the Future of Your Business.

20th November 2011 by John

Have a business? A physical, local business?
Before you dump a ton of cash into local TV spots hoping to bring in customers consider this recent study by Nielsen.

“Online video ads have a 65% general recall compared to 46% for TV ads. Brand recall online is also higher — 50% compared to TV’s 28%. Message online recall is 39% compared to TV’s 21%. Likability is at 26% online, compared to TV’s 14%.”

Read more…